chicago: one of the great food cities

hamburgers: don't let someone else screw them up

good hamburgers are few and far between.  it’s time to take matters into your own hands.



i’ve taken to grinding my own meat for burgers. while it takes a little trial-and-error to get the right mix of meats to balance out fat, flavor, and texture, i’ve been working on ripping-off Michael Chiarello's recipe, which consists of equal parts of short ribs, brisket, and sirloin.

another mixture with which i’ve had great success is brisket, short ribs, and shoulder.

when grinding meat it’s important to make sure that it’s cut up into manageable pieces and that it’s so cold that it’s got ice crystals on it. i go for a double grind, as i’ve found the texture to be more pleasing with two passes through the grinder rather than just one.

and for crying out loud, don’t be afraid of fat. it’s a burger. it’s supposed to be juicy and delicious. this is certainly not the time to be worried about how unhealthy your meal is. you’ve got every other day to worry about that. today you’re making the best friggin hamburger you’ve ever had. and that’s that.